I am a new Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I've been drawing and painting since I can remember.
My experience in the field of design is approximately 1 year in the field of Illustration, Concept Design, Texturing, and some knowledge of 3D modeling and animation. I have worked for companies in the field of Graphic Design, Advertising, photographers, and animations.
I have to say that I know how to design or create an environment and support from the start, drawing with a strong sense of color, and create a dramatic light / atmosphere in the background.
In addition, I also joined the Malaysian Skills Competition, and I have a place to 5th in the competition.
I also have a certificate of SKM level 2 and 3 in the field of Multimedia Interactive
At this time, I worked at a company called Conduct Aliceshah photographers studio. In my free time I usually work as independent Illustrator.
I live with my beautiful family and the beloved of my heart.
My policy is to give my best effort, attention to detail and quality, of any project ...
And you all can find me at!/kunep_ishak!

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